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Quick tip - using magnets

One of the best things about the Mad Gaming Terrain system is the way that everything holds together using magnets. The terrain is incredibly modular, and allows you to create a huge variety of battlefields using the same basic bits. For example, this walled military outpost set among the ruins of an administration centre would make for an epic 40K setting.

An epic 40K setting.

The magnets hold things together properly, but unless you understand how to use them it might not work the way you expect.

If you've ever held two magnets next to each other, you'll have noticed that they attract each other when they're held one way, and repel when they're held the other way round. This is key to the magnet system in the Mad Gaming Terrain - each magnetisable point has two holes, and the magnets in these holes have to face the opposite way to each other.

Close up of the magnets.

This probably sounds complicated, but it isn't - when you first magnetize a terrain piece, simply take your strip of tiny magnets and glue one of them into the right-hand hole on the piece of terrain. Then turn the strip around and glue one from the other end into the left-hand hole. The trick is to make sure that all the right-hand holes have magnets which face the same way, and all the left-hand holes have the opposite facing magnets.

When you're adding terrain to your setup, you want to make sure you get the new magnets facing the right way so they work with your existing bits. This is easy - take your strip of magnets and offer it up to one of your existing magnetised points. They'll grab hold of one of the two magnets - if they grab left, glue that end into the left-hand holes on the new terrain (and likewise if they grab right).

Working out which way they go!

I hope this all makes sense, and that this quick tip isn't too long! Let me know in the comments if you need any help with this - it's easier than it sounds, and it's definitely worth doing (although you'll need lots of magnets).*

See you next time!


* Really. Lots. Loads and loads. And superglue to put them in. And good soap to wash superglue off your hands afterwards. And more magnets.

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