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Quick tip - basing!

I thought it might be worth starting an occasional 'quick tips' section in the blog, where I can share things I've discovered while building the terrain from Mad Gaming Terrain.

Having said that, this first tip isn't really to do with the terrain. Well, it's to do with the spare bits you'll have left over when you've built a few kits.

I was building and painting an Imperial Knight recently, from Games Workshop, and when it came to the large base I wanted to create a rubbly look. So I applied bits of torn up cork, and also some odds and ends from - you've guessed it - my hab block bits pile. Of course, you could use other stuff - bits of old sprues, spares from other models, that kind of thing, but I think the hab block spares look quite effective. Simply glue the bits on and paint as normal.

Hope this tip helps you out - see you next time!

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