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This is the standard core Hab Block from MAD Gaming Terrain and comes with a number of accessories so you can give it its own individual look. 
SIZE: L156 x W117 x H96mm


This has been design to work with the rest of The Hab Block product range and stacks perfectly on other Hab Block Sizes

The Hab Block has a removable roof, pluck out windows and door's as well as an inside and outside ladder. It also has 2 door steps that can also form shutters plus additional accessories to alter the look of the Hab Block. Also included in the pack are the option of 2 roof hatches.

This model will need assembling  

Easy Pluck 
Our easy pluck system has been designed so you can easily pop out the parts as well as allowing you additional choices in how you want your MAD Gaming Terrain product to look. It makes building much quicker and simpler.  

Hole Network System
This is the 3x3mm square holes that you can see in all MAD Gaming Terrains products. They have been designed so you can swapped about parts from different Themes and individual products, which is great for making any of the MAD Gaming Terrain products very different and individual. 

Magnet System
This is a set of round 3mm x 3mm holes that are designed to take 3mm diameter x 3mm depth magnets (Which can be purchased from us). All of our products have been designed to take the same magnets and work together so you can magnetise all of our products that have the Magnet system. Magnets will need to be purchased individually if you intend to use the Magnet System. 

Hab Block- Standard

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